Abel Simulator

The following files can be added to the Abel Ringing Simulator to allow you to use the sound of Ripon Cathedral Bells.

To configure Ripon Cathedral Bells as a sound option within Abel:

1. Download all of the files from the links below.
2. Copy all of the files to the Abel Bells directory. Typically this is c:\Program Files\Abel\Bells
3. Start Abel Simulator
4. Open the sound options and set the Tenor Note field to D# and the Bell Sound field to Ripon Cathedral


Further information is available in Abel Help from within the application or online here.

Sound Files and Abel Bell Definition File (BDF)
Right click on each link and select Save Link As to download

Ripon3.wav Ripon8.wav
Ripon4.wav Ripon9.wav
Ripon5.wav Ripon10.wav
Ripon6.wav Ripon11.wav
Ripon7.wav Ripon12.wav

Please note that copyright for the files remains with The Ripon Cathedral Bell Ringers and they are only authorised for use within the Abel Simulator application.